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About Me

My Background


In all of my memories the earliest is art. The compulsion to make and create through childhood. The desire  to learn and experiment with art as a young adult. The need to grow with it and share what I have learned with others as an experienced adult. It is so fulfilling to create something special for others to enjoy. 

My Medium


I have studied many mediums.  I love them all and jump from one to the other but never bore of any of them.  Sculpting in clay, mosaics in glass, painting with all media. All of them. My favorite is when whatever I am working on is REALLY BIG art or REALLY SMALL miniatures.

My Inspiration


My garden is my happy place. I go there to pull the weeds. My husband is very much an inspiration to me and my art as are my family and friends. Traveling gives me wonderful creative drive and inspires my sculpture and miniatures.  My studio has awesome feel good energy for me and I love to share that energy with those who visit.